Bruno Čebulj
Krvavška cesta 10
SI-4207 Cerklje


I kept different kinds of animals as a small boy with my brother. At home on our farm the daily company of animals and taking care for them was a daily basis. To the end of primary school I and my brother received a canary for our good school marks and that is how interest in birds began. Soon we had small flight where budgerigars, cockatiels and lovebirds were making their sound. Some time passed when the birds decided to breed. In year 1991 the war came and in those days I meet one soldier who was also breeder of parrots, but the big ones like Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, etc. He invited me to visit him when everything will be over. Soon I done this and he suggested to me to participate the meeting of a bird breeders club. In the club I become vice-president soon, but probably more because other members avoided getting any position. As beginner I was very thrilled for different kinds of parrots and also canaries, but later in 1997 I started to specialize to exhibition budgerigars. One year later I was totally devoted to these parakeets. Show success motivated me even more into specialization of exhibition budgerigars. Some years I was very successful but had to give up the showing in Slovenia because of my study. In year 2004 I began to exhibit my birds again and at the first show where I participated – Open Slovenian Championship for Budgerigars I won Best in Show and Best Young Bird in Show. My first exhibition budgerigars I got from England from Fred Wright. On the formed English line I introduced outcrosses from the best lines. Since my beginners days when I specialized to exhibition budgerigars I always tried making contacts with other breeders. Nowadays I am more known abroad as here in Slovenia. Budgerigars from my stock have flown into many foreign countries; of course they are amusing their owners around Slovenia also. Today I am breeding Normals in all colours, Spangles, Australian Pieds, Yellow Faces and Texas-Clearbodies.